Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), should I do it or not?

So now Microsoft is really promoting IE9 to the Windows community of users. For the most part it has some really good new features. But here are several things we have run into where we had to uninstall IE9, taking the tystem back to IE8.

Flash is a flashin! On one user’s system we uninstalled and re-installed the Adobe flash plug-in a couple times and still the flash image in her home page was flickering and moving in the most distracting manner. Finally removing IE9 fixed the problem.

On this user’s system everything slowed down. Looking at the task manager revealed nothing. Memory usage was within the range of the existing memory. Nothing listed in the process list gave any indication of over usage of the CPU. The antivirus was not causing any issues. Finally, we noticed IE9 was in there. Removing it returned the system to is previous snappy speed.

On another user’s system, he was unable to view his own simple website. Nothing fancy about it; IE9 simply would not load it. We had to flush the cache on this one and them he could browse his website. We left IE9 in there but advised him to let us know if he had any other browsing difficulties.

Finally, we were working with Network Solutions on some configuration issues for a new website. We got that done but during the conversation the technical support person advised us of their new service; reviewing existing websites for IE9 compatibility. Sooooo existing websites are at risk of not working once IE9 is installed.

We are a Microsoft partner and are proud to be so. But sometimes it is difficult to know that they are not too busy making life sooooo much better that they cause these other difficulties.

We still love them, but, come-on guys……

Bill Perry, PerTel Communications, Inc.

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