Why bother with antivirus?

Many people run a version of Microsoft Windows. Today we see mostly XP, Vista and Windows 7. Unfortunately there are “holes” in these operating systems that allow hackers to enter your system and gain the use of it for nefarious reasons.

What to do?

First, Windows updates are critical and most systems are installed with windows updates enabled. If yours are not enabled, you should pursue how to make that happen. BUT beyond that, you need additional protection in the form of antivirus software.

Then, there are quite a number of free antivirus packages out there and here is a list of some we have had success with:

Microsoft Security Essentials



There others that charge a yearly subscription:




We recommend using one of the free ones with the caveat that you be aware of the significant social engineering being done to trick you into clicking on a windows that takes you to an infection. From a social engineering prospective, we recommend that unless you are being prevented from performing a job, that you DON’T CLICK on ANY PROMPT that you see. This philosophy will save you greatly in headaches of dealing with infections that occur this way.

So, with windows updates running, an antivirus installed AND updated regularly and you being socially aware of the pitfalls associated with clicking on anything you did not expect, you will have a good chance for regular use of your computer without additional problems.

Just sayin!!!

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