Website Thoughts

So you want to have a website. There are 3 things needed to have one.

1. You need a domain name. You can never own the domain name outright, but you can lease it for a period of years. you must renew it at the end of each lease expiration period or you will lose the use of it.

2. You need programming. This is the HTML and other code that sits behind your page. You can use a simple editor to create your web-pages, or you can use a high powered tool such as Dreamweaver to create them. Also there are many languages that can be used in your pages. Some of these are JavaScript, Cold Fusion, Classic ASP, .net, and there are others. You do not have to use them, but they do offer greater functionality than static HTML programming.

3. You need a host. The host is where you store your web-pages. When a user types your domain name, such as into their browser, your webpages will be served up to that user from you host and then displayed in the browser they are using.

These are the basics of getting your website to work. But now there are many browsers and many versions of those browsers. it has become a challenge to make a web-page look good and the same in all browsers. As you become more expert in programming your web-pages, you will no doubt run into these differences. Simple pages tend to be easier to display in all browsers so sometimes the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) principal is best.

Another consideration is the user’s screen. Screens are measured in resolution dots. it used to be that 800×600 was widely used and 1024×768 was up and coming. Now 800×600 is all but obsolete and there are dozens of higher resolution screens in use. So when you program your web-pages, you need to bear this is mind and plan on testing your work in various resolutions.

I will have more thoughts soon. Thank you for checking in!

Bill Perry

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