Backup Your Data (or Lose It)

This is a new test posting from Bill Perry at PerTel Communications, Inc.

In this one I will discuss backing up your data. This is something we all know we should do and yet we do not do it, many times, until we lose precious data. And it has become so inexpensive to backup data now.

First, I recommend using an external hard drive to “duplicate” you data right there at your system. External hard drives are very inexpensive, way under $100 now. Some of them come with backup software. I do not recommend using this software as some of it is very hard to understand.

I recommend SyncBack as a free file level backup software application. It is simple to use, very effective and can be scheduled so you don’t always have to remember to perform your backups. This software will backup all the files to wish to save.

If you wish to use an image backup there are many options for you to consider and I will cover that in an image backup blog later.

Finally for file backups, after you have an external hard drive, I further recommend offsite backup. If you use, you can get 2 Gig bytes of offsite backup for free. Beyone this you can get unlimited backups using Mozy for under $60 per year. This way you have an onsite duplicate of your important files, and, you have an offsite copy as well. Sometimes it can take a few days to backup your files offsite, but once the main group of files is backed up offsite, the additional ones usually go offsite very quickly and you won’t notice it happening.

So then, when the worst happens and your hard drive fails in a way that you cannot read it, you can recover all of your files from the local drive. If your local drive is also unable to be read, like your office was robbed, you can get all your files from your offsite storage location.

Irreplaceable files are just that, irreplaceable.

More soon,
Bill Perry

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